Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Scary Results of Michigan Wrong Side Surgery

As hard as it is to believe, some surgeries are performed on the wrong side of the patient's body. These mistakes, clear instances of Michigan medical malpractice, can lead to serious injuries and even loss of life.

Michigan wrong side surgery occurs as the result of the negligence of the doctors and nurses in charge of the procedure. These can include: 
  • Misunderstanding a patient's symptoms;
  • Mislabeling surgery diagrams;
  • Confusion in the operating room;
  • Lack of attention/focus.
Michigan wrong side surgery can lead to serious complications. Not only is the original problem that required surgery not fixed, but it creates more problems to deal with as well. Extra surgery to reverse the original procedure, as well as perform the intended one, is likely required.

The costs of these additional procedures can add up quickly. If you are the victim of this negligence, you may face: 
  • Thousands of dollars in medical bills
  • Extra recovery time and physical therapy
  • Permanent scarring and damage
  • Extended absence from work
  • Added pain and emotional suffering
Because wrong side surgery is almost always the responsibility of negligent medical professionals, you likely have the legal right to earn compensation for costs related to the incident. Contact a Michigan medical malpractice lawyer for more information.

Call the Michigan medical malpractice attorneys of the Thurswell Law Firm today at (866) 354-5544 to schedule a free consultation about the details of your case.

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